Vertex LTD at IWA 2017

IWA OutdoorClassics the world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities and for civilian and official security applications. The annual highlight for the international specialist trade from 3 - 6 March 2017 in the exhibition center Nuremberg


12ga Rubber Buckshots

Cartridges with rubber pellets/discs

12ga Hunting and sporting cartridges

To be fired by an open-shock shotgun

12ga Tracing cartridges

"Skeet" and "Trap" tracing cartridges for sports and training

12ga Signal cartridges

To be fired by an open-shock shotgun

9mm Tracing cartridges

For training with 9mm Luger pistol

9mm Blank cartridges R.K.

Suitable for all 9mm R.K. revolvers

9mm Blank cartridges P.A.

Suitable for all 9mm P.A. pistols

9mm Special ammunitions

To be fired at short-range distance for low enforcement and military use

15mm Signal cartridges

To be fired by a pen-type launcher device

15mm Signal flares

To be fired by signal or gas pistols and revolvers through blank cartridges

Pen type launcher

Fires 15mm signal cartridges

Pen-type Launcher Kit

A launching device + 4 pcs. 15mm signal cartridges

Pistol-type Launching device

One shot

Roadside flare

Emergency distress signalflare used in low visibility road conditions

Hand Flare

Short-range distress signal flare

Parachite Signal Rocket

Marine distress signal flare for long range emergency situations


For securing an area by firing a signal flare

Buoyant smoke signal

Marine day-time orange smoke distress signal flare

Pyrotechnic igniter for aerosol fire extinguisher

Activates aerosol fire extinguishers

Vertex at IWA 2016

Over the last 40 years IWA OutdoorClassics has developed into the world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities and for civilian and official security applications. Whether you're looking for hunting, shooting sports, outdoor activities or security – the trade fair's product range leaves nothing to be desired.

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About us

Vertex Ltd. (Vertex EOOD) was found in 2004 with its headquarters in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. Just eight years later our team has grown up to more than 50 people, skilled in manufacturing and commerce. Nowadays we have own manufacturing facility in Maglij and three retail/wholesale shops. Our network of dealers allover the country to more than 30 different companies.

Today our goods are proudly manufactured under the Ballista ® brand that stands as a synonym of quality and value added services.For more than eight years our 14 mm signal cartridges and flares have been successfully sold not only in Bulgaria but also in Canada. The brand name for Canada is Tru Flare ®. Our esteemed collaboration with the commercial team of Tru Flare has brought us to continuous development of our market position.

The valuable qualification and long-term experience of our staff allows us not only to support a constant range of signal and hunting ammunition but also to engineer products on a certain customers’ demand improving the technical specifications of the end product and paying special attention to the individual face of each inquiry.

We’re focused not only at the ammunitions but throughout the last years we’ve devoted our efforts in manufacturing in various pyrotechnic good for the military industry. That made us valuable and recognized partner for many factories in Bulgaria and in Europe.

Apart from our manufacturing activities we’re a distributor and importer of wide range of hunting and sports goods and accessories. This gives us the exceptional advantage to suggest to our dealer full line service delivering to them signal and hunting ammunitions along with other numerous hunting and sport items to be sold in their retail shops.

Contact us


5 "Ivan Vazov" Str., Kazanlak, Bulgaria

Office: +359 431 621 88

Kazanlak Store:

17 Seuthopolis Sqr., Kazanlak, Bulgaria

+359 882 289 489

+359 431 632 85

Sofia Store:

93 Tsar Samuil Str., Sofia, Bulgaria

+359 888 080 648




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